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 Danube General Contracting - Al - Omm interchange in Hilla
Danube General Contracting - Al - Omm interchange in Hilla
The project consist of design and constructs 2 overpasses in 3 levels connecting ......
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Construction of 36 modern Schools in Ninawa
Construction of 36 modern Schools in Ninawa
Construction of 36 modern Schools in Ninawa Province and Kirkuk Province. The works include to construct four types of schools with different area size, ......
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Danube General Contracting

  • Completed projects

    Al Hoz Bridge in Ramadi.

    Client: Al Anbar province Government.


    POC: Al Anbar Government, contract department.


    Many other projects were completed during this period


    • Rehabilitation of schools in Baghdad for IRD (International Relief and Development) (2002 to 2004).

    • Ten buildings on Taji Base (2003-2004).

    • Many projects for Camp War Eagle, Baghdad APO AE 09322 UNIT #93270.

    • Rehabilitation of rest houses for Ministry of Communications in Baghdad (2003-2004).

    • A commercial center with roads and infrastructure in the Al Mansoor area in Baghdad, (2003-2004).

    • Construction works for water treatment CU for ACF (NGO from Paris).

    • Construction of primary and secondary schools in Al Anbar province through the USAID program.


    Company equipment facilitating more rapid completion


    Danube has adequate capacity and all necessary qualified manpower, tools and equipment in existing running project in the area. This is example of company equipment in the middle zone of Iraq:

    Company facilities assisting rapid project completion:

    • Six concrete plants with a total capacity of 400 m3/h.

    • Four gravel crushing plants with a total production capacity of 1000 m3/day for production of several sizes of crushed gravel.

    • Two pre-cast concrete elements plants.

    • Factory for assembly of steel structures elements with a maximum capacity of 10 T element.

    • Heavy equipment for building, roads and earth works.

    • High transport capacity for all types of construction materials.

    Aside from existing equipment, Danube Group has a system in place for new equipment purchase and upgrades on vehicles and tools through quarterly budget set-asides.


    Most material submittals on current projects were already approved on previous and existing projects saving valuable time and money and reducing duplicative efforts. This can significantly reduce the required time for material submittals and approval procedures.


    In-house financial means are used as much as possible to support project financing and procurement decreasing most risk factors associated with global material price fluctuations.

    Danube Group engage sufficient numbers of qualified and previously-trained manpower with adequate and appropriate tools and equipment; both are supported by highly experienced management guaranteeing that a given project will be performed well within time and within budget.

Al-Qasim Bridge in Ramadi

Client: Al-Anbar Governorate

POC: Al-Anbar Governorate

Agarguf Tower Erection, Baghdad, Iraq

Client: Army Corps of Engineers

POC: LCDR Andrew Johnson, Army Corps of Engineers, +1-703-544-6778 (VOIP),

         E-mail: andrew.johnson@pco-iraq.net , andrew.p.johnson@s-iraq.centcom.smil.mil


Construction Mushroom Production & Agriculture Crops Plant in Erbil-Iraq

Client: Wadi Al-Fitir Company

POC: Danube Group–Mushroom Valley Co.


Refurbishment of UNAMI Building in Erbil

Client: United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq UNAMI, Contract No. AMI/CON/2011/008

POC: Deler Mohamad, Procurement Assistant, UNAMI – Erbil, Intermission Ext: 166 2835, Office: 225 0961-2835

         E-mail: mohamadd@un.org

Palestine Bridge in Ramadi

Client: State Commission for Roads & Bridges

POC: State Commission for Roads & Bridges

A new Substation at 7 Kilo in Anbar

Client: Anbar Government

POC: DG Anbar Electrical Distributions

6 Mobile Substation in Al Anbar Province

Client: Anbar Government

POC: Department of the Army- Gulf Region Division, central District, Corps of Engineers, MNC-17, Unit # 42029,

         USACE-GRC, APO AE 09342-2029 – Al Tayf Al Abiad Company.

POC: Susan Newby, chief of Contracting, GRC - E-mail address: susan.f.newby@tac01.usace.army.mil


Soft Start Systems and Motor Controls for Nine Pump

Motors at the Dokan-Sulaymaniyah Dam.


POC: Salo, Tera L TAG, E-mail: Tera.L.Salo@usace.army.mil

POC: Brady, John TAG Contractor, E-mail: John.Brady@usace.army.mil

Fallujah F5 Sewage Pump Station.

Client: Joint Contracting Command- Iraq & Afghanistan, JCC-I&A Water and Public Works Sector PCO Compound,

POC: Patrick E GRC Dougherty Patrick.E.Dougherty@usace.army.mil

         Schappi GRC Marsh Schappi.Marsh@usace.army.mil, Don.C.Hendrix@usace.army.mil


Mobile Station of Badra in Wasit province

Client: Wasit province - Badra District

POC: Patrick E GRC Dougherty Patrick.E.Dougherty@usace.army.mi

132 KVA Overhead Lines in Ramadi.

Client: Gulf Region Division-Central District

            W6EX GRD Central District APO AE 09335


POC: Jose.Morales@tac01.usace.army.mil

A new 33/11 substation in Husaybah

Client: Secure Global Engineering


POC: Ayham Al Yassiry, tel: 0790 1745 534, E-mail: ayham@sge-iraq.com

NATO Enclave

Client: NAMSA


POC: TOXIE H. COURTNEY, DSN: 606-640-2681,

Comm: 081-721-2681 E-mail: tcourtney@afsouth.nato.int, toxcourt@yahoo.com



Client: CH2M Hills Constructors Inc.


POC: Waynne Zeigler, Waynne.Zeigler@ch2m.com, +964 790 146 7350


Buhriz-Baquba Roadworks.

Client: CAPE Environmental


POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 9692, E-mail: jstewart@cape-inc.com


Design and Construct Iraqi National Guard--Suwarah Battalion facilities.

Client: CAPE Environmental


POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 9692, E-mail: jstewart@cape-inc.com


Buhriz Bridge on Diyala River in Diyala

Client: CAPE Environmental


POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 9692, E-mail: jstewart@cape-inc.com


Omar Bin Abdul-Aziz Bridge on Warrar River in Ramadi.

Client: CAPE Environmental


POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 9692, E-mail: jstewart@cape-inc.com


QTM & QRF Facilities in Baghdad.

Client: CAPE Environmental


POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 9692, E-mail: jstewart@cape-inc.com


Districts 850 and 860: Water and Sewer Rehabilitation.

Contract No. W917BG-05-R0191

Client: DOA, GRD Central District, COE, MNC-17 USACE-GRC, APO AE 09342-1400


POC: Stanley Reese E-mail: stanlet.reese@tac01.usace.army.mil


Abo Teban water treatment plant

Client:  Al-Anbar governorate


POC: AL-Anbar Water Directorateil


Design & Construct of Buhriz-Baquba Asphalt road.

Client:  CAPE Environmental


POC: James Stewart tel: +1732 610 9692, E-mail: jstewart@cape-inc.com


Dubuni Water Treatment Plant

Client:  Waste water directorate


POC: Eng. Mohammad Mortada


Mehrot Irrigation Project, Lining Irrigation Canals.

Client: Diyala water directorate


POC: Diyala water directorate


Rehabilitation of Building & 5  Fuel Storage Tanks in Badyal Terminal

Client: Badyal Petroleum Co.


POC: Badyal Petroleum Co.- Iraq- Erbil


an address at 306-16, House no. 5/2, in front of Al-Hariri High school, Maghreb Street, Baghdad, Iraq.



Baghdad, Iraq, APO AE 09348

Schappi GRC Marsh Schappi.Marsh@usace.army.mil, Don.C.Hendrix@usace.army.mil, Joseph.R.Geary@usace.army.mil

CIVIL AND BUILDING WORKS FOR WELL PAD #7,8 & 10 AREA – West Qurna Field 2nd Phase Project

Client: SAMSUNG IRAQ, SAMSUNG GEC, 500 Sangil-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea 134-090]. Iraq Branch Office with



Supply, Erect and Operate a new Electrical substation (33/11 KV-31.5x2 MVA) in Al-Musayyib.

Client: Babylon Province

POC: Babylon Province.

Al Qariyah al Asriyah Bridge in Babylon

Client: Ministry of Municipality and Public Works.

POC: Amer Ghazi Hilal.

Supply and Erect a New Electrical Mobile substation 132 / 11 KV for Hilla1 – Hilla2 Resident Building in Babylon.

Client: Babylon Province.

POC: Babylon Province.

Construction of 22 residential houses for the Al-Najaf refinery

Client: Midland Refiners Company

POC: Midland Refiners Company – AlNajaf Refiners

Rehabilitation of buildings of the Egyptian Embassy and Ambassador House

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

POC: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Construction Electrical Mobile Substation 132/11-16MVA

 for Al-lehase District Near High way in Basrah

Client: Directorate of government contracts Basrah by Arth Alsodoor co.

POC: Directorate of government contracts Basrah  http://www.basragov.net/  Or Arth Alsodoor co. E-mail:



Upgrade Commonwealth compound inside the IZ in Baghdad

Client: Commonwealth Compound E

Construction Electrical Mobile Substation 132/33-25MVA for IMAM Al-ABAS Water Project in Basrah

Client: Directorate of government contracts Basrah by ABABEL co.

POC: Directorate of government contracts Basrah http://www.basragov.net/

Supplement Buhriz Bridge on Diyala River in Diyala

Client: Diyala province

POC:Director of Roads & Bridges in Diyala Province, Email: diyala_di.scrb@yahoo.com, and Abniya AL-Maamora Company

Many projects were completed as well before 2000


1.   Construction and finishing works of three hospitals for an MCP project in Baghdad, Suwaira and Kut. Federal Directorate for

      Supplying and Procurement (1989-1991).

2.   Participation in design and construction of 216 school projects from prefabricated concrete elements in Baghdad.

3.   Supplying of medical equipment to the Ministry of Health.

4.   Residential and administration buildings in Baghdad and central Iraq.

5.   Highways, asphalt roads in central Iraq.

6.   Water treatment plants in central Iraq.

7.   Highline towers in the central Iraq on behalf of Energo Invest Co.

8.   Highline towers in western Iraq on behalf of a power distribution company.

9.   Several industrial buildings in the Textile State Company in Baghdad (1987-1990).

10. Finishing works and road fixtures on Expressway 1, R-4 (1989-1992). The job included wire fencing, guardrails, asphalt curbs,

       traffic signs, horizontal signals, irrigation canals, and embankment slopes. The employer was Union Engineering Company from


11. Finishing works on Expressway 1, R-4 Section A (1989-1990). The job included wire fencing, guardrails, asphalt curbs, traffic

       signs, horizontal signals, irrigation canals, embankment slopes. The employer was the AUTOPUT Company from Yugoslavia.

12. Execution of finishing works on Expressway 1 R-4 Section B (1989-1990). The job included wire fencing, guardrails, asphalt curbs,

     traffic signs, horizontal signals, irrigation canals, embankment slopes. The employer was PLANUM Company from Yugoslavia.

13. Finishing works in the Expressway 1 R-4, in 1990. The employer was the Directorate of Expressways, State Company for Roads

       and Bridges, Ministry of Housing.

14. Horizontal signals in Fallujah - Ameriyah Road, the bridge over the Euphrates River (1990), Al Fao States Co.

15. Steel overhead bridges with vehicle height considerations on the Yousifiyah freeway, (1990).

16. Several works for Taj al Maarik State Company in Mosul.

17. Asphalt works in Khanaqeen in Diyala province (1990-1991).

18. Asphalt works in Al Saadiya in Diyala province (1990-1991).

19. Disassembling, mounting, erection and commissioning of concrete batching plant in Al Rustamiya Water Treatment Plant, Al

       Farouk State Company (1990).

20. Disassembling, mounting, erecting and commissioning of asphalt batching plant in Diyala, Diyala Province (1990).

21. Delivery of several construction material orders for the Diyala province.

22. Execution of finishing works/measurements in Baladruz, Al Kasak, and Numaniyah, for FDSP Co. 1989-2003

23. Several projects for Union Engineering Co. from Yugoslavia, Yugoimport Co. from Yugoslavia, Transcomplect Co. from Bulgaria,

         Technoprom export from Russia. The projects included concrete works, asphalt works, delivery of hundreds thousands cubic

      meters of construction materials.

24. Road markings for several major highways and roads in central Iraq.

25. Several subcontracts for private, state, domestic, and foreign companies.

26. Several surveying, design and measurement projects on behalf of private sector entities in Iraq.

Danube Demining and Unexploded Clearance

  • Completed projects

    A MINES & UXO Technical Survey for the Survey Area in Abu Ghirab oil fields of Missan Oil Fields.

    Client: CNOOC IRAQ LIMITED, a company duly incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, acting for and on behalf of FOD.

    OWNER: (the "FOD Agreement") of MOC, CNOOC Iraq Limited, TP Missan Limited and Iraqi Drilling Company entered into

                  the FOD Field Operating Division Agreement for the Missan Oil Fields.

    POC: Liu Guozhi, HSE Dept, CNOOC Iraq limited (BVI), Tel China +86 139 2092 1806 - Tel: Iraq +964 7806 453 604

            E-mail: liugzh2@cnooc.com.cn, E-mail: liugzh@cnoociraq.com

    3D Siesmic Project Zubair Iraq: UXO Identification and Clearance

    Client: BGP Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation.

    POC: Attn: Mr. Yu Runchang, Mob: +964 7813 451 638 -Email: yurunchang@gmail.com

    Clearance Services on the SOUTHERN IRAQI OILFIELD SITE (Rumaila)

    Client: ERSM (Guernsey) Ltd (Trading as Edinburgh International).

    POC: Damien Jones, Project Manager, Email: damien.jones@edinburghint.com

    Office: +971 4 3650 030 - Fax: +971 4 3620 040


Current Project

High risk search (HRS) activities of specified areas in and around Failujah.
High risk search (HRS) activities of specified areas in and around Failujah.
Optima is planning to acquire a high risk search (HRS) activities of specified areas in and around Fallujah
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Seine Trading and Commercial Agencies

Current Project

Seine Trading - Equipment for the extension of 400 kv Waset substation
Seine Trading - Equipment for the extension of 400 kv Waset substation
The project is extension existing substation in Wasit province...
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Completed projects

Chemical pumps for Degassing stations in Missan

Client: Missan Oil Company

POC: Technical Director in MOC

Mobile Air Pollution Lab

Client: Missan Oil Company

POC: Pollution Department - Missan Oil Company

Supplying 11 KV Switchgear for old KUT Substation.

Client: Wassite network diretorate

POC: Eng. Hussien Hashiem Faiad

Supplying 132 KV Central Break Disconnectors Switches.

Client: Nassyria power station

POC: High Voltage network Department

UPVC Pipes & Chlorination Instruments for Supplying Pumps.

Client: Wassite water diretorate


POC: Eng. Khaled Moumad Hussien


Delivery and Install Equipment for Al Hashmiyah Substation.

Client: Ministry of electricity - General Directorate for Electrical Energy Transmission of Middle Euphrates Region.


POC: Deputy Director General MR . Ismail Nimaat Bsat. (Email: 35_commercial.dept.m@moelc.gov.iq)

Ahram Al Furat General Contracting & Oil Services

Completed projects

Construction Electrical Mobile Substation (33/11-31.5x2 MVA) Within the Japanese Substation.

Client: Wassit Province.

Construction New AL-Kafaat Substation 33/11 KV in Kut.

Client: Wassit Province.

POC: Wassit Province.

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