Equipment for the Extension of 400 kv Waset Substation.

Client: General Directorate for Electricity Transmission/Mid. Region.

POC: Director General MR . QASIM A. MEZAAL.


Description: The project is extension existing substation in Wasit province. The works include delivery and install Supply Auxiliary transformer 11/0.4, Supply Earthing transformer, AC Distribution switchgear for the new Auxiliary Transformer 11/0.4 and other equipment,, Supply 400 KV post insulators, Supply 132 KV post insulators, Supply protection panels for the 400/132/11 KV auto Transformer with two groups, supply protection panels for 132 KV OHL bays include digital (W-VAR-A-V) and suitable transducer, protection panels for 132 KV transformer bay include digital (W-VAR-A-V) and suitable transducer SET, control panels for 400 KV Transformer Feeder include digital (W-VAR-A-V) with suitable transducer and annunciators (without mimic diagram), control panels for 132 KV OHL bays include digital (W-VAR-A-V),energy meter and annunciators, control panels for 132 KV transformer bay include digital (W-VAR-A-V),energy meter and annunciators, Supply energy meters for 400/132/11 KV auto transformer ,132 KV for (four OHL bays) with all required accessories and materials.


The equipment was purchased from Energy alliance and other well-known companies from Germany, USA , Austrian and Italy.


Due to financial crises in the country, the project was totally financed by company resources. .


Staff Details: Company site engineers were responsible for installing the equipment in the site. Company HQ engineer were responsible to agree the drawings and specifications with the client. High coordination between the manufacturers staff, client representatives and company staff resulted efficient performance within the budget and within the schedule


Starting Date: September 2015

Completion Date: works in progress