Al – Omm interchange in Hilla.


Client: Babylon Governorate.

POC: Babylon Governorate, contract department.


Description: The project consist of design and constructs 2 overpasses in 3 levels connecting Al- Shawi Road – Nadr & Al- Mashahad Road – Al Omm and all required approaches and temporary roads. The Main Bridge with length 312 m contains of 13 spans of 24 m each with width of 17.5 m and the other one secondary with length 120 m consists of 5 spans of 24 m each with width of 16 m


Staff Details: A site office with highly experienced engineers and technicians managed the site activities. Our offices Outside Iraq supported the project by purchasing equipment and instruments, The Baghdad HQ supported vital administration and correspondence. The site staffs were mainly from the local area to encourage employment in the city. A total of 12 engineers, 30 technicians and 5 administrative personnel are covered project activities.


Starting Date: Sep. 2012

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